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XXXI is closed temporarily

Over the winter, we joined forces with our friends and collaborators Sanctuary Computer. We spent the end of winter and beginning of spring touring new studio spaces together: Our plan was (and still is) to do the same thing we did on Ninth Street, but better. More resources for the design community, more ways to be involved, more desks to share, more books to browse. When the city went on lockdown, it paused our real estate search. So, at the end of April, we shuttered the space on Ninth Street, and moved our goods into storage instead of into the gleaming new space we’d planned to invite you all over to. Please stay in touch for updates about our new plans!

May 1, 12pm

Fridays on Zoom

Soft Tuts: Intro to Maya

In this tutorial, Ashley Schmid will explain the basics of Maya, including the interface, keyboard shortcuts, modeling basics, and animation basics.

Donations (suggested $20) go directly to instructors. Sign up.

Apr 24, 12pm

Fridays on Zoom

Soft Tuts: Intro to AfterEffects

Elliot Keeler gives us the basics of Adobe After Effects! When it comes down to it, After Effects is just a tool for controlling motion. Learn the basics of After Effects including how to control and manipulate motion, the different types of workflows available (why you'd choose one over the other), and some basics of animation itself.

Donations (suggested $20) go directly to instructors. Sign up.

Apr 17, 12pm

Fridays on Zoom

Soft Tuts: Digital Sculptures with Cinema 4D

Neil Jackson takes us through a 3D hobbyist’s workflow into how to create fun digital sculptures with the Volume Builder/Mesher toolsets of Cinema 4D. We will also dive into creating materials for our sculpture with Substance Painter, creating a lighting setup, and rendering out our final shots with Octane Render. Beginners welcome! We’ll also cover the basic aspects of modeling, what good topology looks like/what even is topology! and, y’know, how to navigate inside of the software.

Donations (suggested $20) go directly to instructors.

Feb 26 – Mar 18

Wednesday evenings


Photoclub is designed to stimulate new ideas and techniques using the medium of photography. Each week we’ll showcase inspiring photography or provide a mini-workshop and set an assignment that will push you to use photography in new and interesting ways. With Oliva Charlesworth and Aaron Bengochea. More info and signup.

Feb 10 – Mar 23

Monday evenings

Intro to Coding

Intro to Coding for Designers is an entry-level class that teaches designers the fundamentals of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Over six weeks, up to 9 students will be led through a series of experiments that demonstrate conceptual knowledge of code, enforced by weekly homework assignments. Taught by Lukas Eigler-Harding. More info and signup.

Spring 2020


Call for Proposals

We’re interested in adding some new skills to our ongoing workshop series so we’re asking our community: what do you want to learn? What can you teach? Some ideas we’ve had: calligraphy, JavaScript for designers, intermediate type design. If you have an idea for a workshop you want to teach at XXXI (or to nominate someone else to), email us at

21 Nov 2019


XXXI at The Design Office

We’ll be visiting The Design Office to work, do some workshops, and speak about independent design spaces and the communities they’re part of.

Nov 18, 7p

Ongoing series

Principles of Designing for Autonomous Systems #1

The first in a new series of events hosted by Nitzan Hermon at XXXI to shape Principles of Designing for Autonomous Systems, a collaboratively-considered effort to help designers and creative practitioners adapt to new autonomous systems and write new design modalities. Our discussion is outlined here. RSVP →

Oct 15–Nov 5

Tuesday evenings

Writing Workshop for Designers

As designers, many of us have practices which integrate writing beyond that which is FPO. This workshop is designed to offer the support and accountability to help our community start writing, keep writing, edit and publish short essays and other nonfiction. Instructed by Elie Andersen of XXXI and Crit. Info and registration →

Oct 16–Nov 20

Wednesdays 7-9:30

Type Design for Designers

This workshop is perfect for you if you use type but want to know how to make it. Instructed by Thierry Blancpain of Grilli Type. Info and registration →

28 Aug 2019

Wednesdays 7-9:00

ICD Final Show

Students from our Intro to Coding workshop share what they made this semester.

20 Aug 2019



After discovering a pile of canvas remnants in a Bushwick studio’s hallway, lab created a limited edition of 19 bucket hats in collaboration with Tourist Studios, a small fashion brand based in New York, and Thomas d’Enfert, a French artist..

17 Jul–21 Aug

Wednesdays 7-9:40

Intro to Coding for Designers

Are you a designer but want to learn to draw something with JavaScript? Or code your own website designs? Or make yourself a new portfolio? If so, maybe this class is for you. Sign up or get more info.

11 May 2019


SCREEN launch

Join the team of SCREEN for the launch of their first issue: The Prototype. A limited number of magazines will be available free of charge compliments of Parsons School of Design. RSVP.

12-14 Apr 2019


Los Angeles Art Book Fair

Books are heavy so instead we are giving away (FREE) a not-so-limited (ed.: 2000, format: newspaper) analog website. Come see us at N09 with our pals from Grilli Type.

12 Feb 2019

Workshop — 6pm

Conversation — 7pm

John Caserta talks to XXXI

In an age where working independently and remotely is becoming easier, what is the purpose of the design studio? Come early for a demonstration and interactive workshop of Bindery.js, a library for designing printable books with HTML and CSS.

15 Dec 2018

Happenings — 1-6pm

A happening coincidentally planned during the holiday season

Come find out why we’re the #1 Graphic Design Store in the World!

07 Dec 2018

Launch Party — Clog No. 16

CLOG × Artificial Intelligence

Come celebrate the launch of CLOG x Artificial Intelligence, and explore work by artist and designer Phillip Stearns. 6–9pm.

11.15 2018

Group Show


Curated by Elizabeth Goodspeed and XXXI

9.18 2018

Launch Party

Grilli Type

Join us for the launch of GT Zirkon and Grilli Type’s new specimen book. 6.30–9pm.

9.13 2018

Arts & Science Salon No. 7

Philippa Jane Mothersill

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

8.28 – 9.13 2018

Group Show


Photos on Climate from Newest York

5.12 2018

Upon Studio

Fuck-ups Fuck-ups

A live screenprinting event by Upon Studio

4.19 2018

Arts & Science Salon No. 6

Michael Yap

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

4.12 - 4.19 2018

Simon de Dreuille and Elena Seegers


Mosses were among the first plants to evolve on land. This exhibition looks at what can be learned today from their singular relationship with water — watch. Opening reception 4/12, 6-9pm.

2.14 2018

Arts & Science Salon No. 5

Lea Peersman-Cherigie Pujol

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

1.25 2018

Arts & Science Salon No. 4

Lillian Tong

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

6.23 2017

Group Show

Not My Style

A group exhibition by the residents of XXXI — David, Jacob, Groth, Jake, and Thierry. Opening reception 6/23, 6—9pm.

6.1 — 6.4 2017

Group Show

One (1.) & (2.)

A group exhibition by Crit. Opening reception 6.1, 6-9pm. Live reading and performance 6.3, 5-7pm. Open gallery 6.3–6.4.

5.11 2017

Arts & Science Salon No. 3

John LeCava

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

1.26 — 1.28 2017

Group Show


Curated by James Proctor

1.11 2017

Arts & Science Salon No. 2

Jacob Gaboury

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

11.1 2016

Arts & Science Salon No. 1

Don Ihde

Curated by Nitzan Hermon

9.14 2016

Grilli Type

GT America launch party

6.30 — 7.2 2016

Kiosk Kollektiv

What We Love

A residency in partnership with @telier

5.19 — 5.29 2016

Rachael Yaeger


4.21 — 5.7 2016

Wade Jeffree

Typographys Greatest Sporting Moments

1.20 — 2.6 2016

Reto Moser

Touchy Art

10.8 — 10.29 2015


Walking Phoenix